Seiken Densetsu collection for Switch (in Japan) ⊟ 

The Switch is a nice place for a multiplayer RPG, and Square is offering a bundle of three of them in Japan. Seiken Densetsu Collection includes Seiken Densetsu 1 (Final Fantasy Adventure in North America), 2 (Secret of Mana), and 3 (which was never released outside of Japan!) on a single cartridge with this really lovely packaging.

Even if Square Enix doesn’t localize this – and it might, who knows! – remember that the Switch is region-free, and you can even buy things from other regions’ eShops. So New Mana might be in your future.

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    Man I hope it transfers, though it isn’t the game I grew up to love(That’s Legend, which isn’t part of the main store), but it would be interesting to try Secret and Sword agian, and play the new one. I hope it is carried over, though if it is…I need to look at a switch.
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    Daaaaang Nintendo don’t do this to me… If they release make Zelda line adventure games I might crumble…
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