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Chrono Trigger - Gato’s Song

Guitar, Violin & Lute Cover

String Player Gamer:

A guitar, violin and lute cover of “Gato’s Song” from Chrono Trigger. Despite being on the shorter side of the entire game’s soundtrack, Gato’s Song is still ripe for some sweet improvisational solos. So I busted out every thing I got for this one even my two-stringed Philippine lute, the hegalong. I hope you like it!



Here’s a drawing of everybody’s favorite buxom brawler. It’s Tifa from ff7! Can anybody believe this is the first time I’m doing ff7 fan art? It’s one of my favorite games but I haven’t really shown it any love.

I’ve also gone ahead and added her to the print shop. Because why not? Take a gander:

Final Fantasy VII - Tifa Fanart