Vivi Ornitier - Final Fantasy IX

Everyone’s favorite Black Mage! It’s good to return to my roots and give Vivi another go. I think things worked out pretty well, though I could probably improve things further if I gave this another go. He’ll forever be near and dear to my heart. He’s just too cute!

He sure has come a long way from my first attempt at the little guy back in 2005.

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Moogle/Chocobo Wallet


The outer wallet is made of 3.5mm thick vegetable died leather for the outer leather casing which I have then embellished with the image of a black mage Moogle riding a black mage Chocobo.

In this wallet I used a metal stamp to pepper a texture of dots into the shadow areas to give this wallet more texture and depth.

I used 1mm dark brown died leather to make the four softer inside card holders, note holder and two inner compartments accessible in the center fold where coins could be stored. I rubbed leather wax into all the stitching and surfaces to add water resistance and shine to the work.

Quelle: SteveCraft!