VGM #67: Prelude (Final Fantasy)

Ace Waters:

I have wanted to cover this one for a long time. I really channeled some of my biggest influences like M83 and Bon Iver to bring this cover together. I hope you enjoy the Prelude from the Final Fantasy Series. I used the variation from VI as the primary source material for this cover.


Wily’s Castle Part 2 [Mega Man 3]

Chiptune Cover by Ace Waters

I was once again watching a good friend play through Mega Man 3, and the second Wily Castle song really stuck out to me. Originally it was going to be more low key, but Jake took it in another direction with his drums, and it really made the song something special. Huge thanks to Jake and Rich for bringing this song to life!


The Mines of Narshe [FF6]

Chiptune Cover by Ace Waters:

I am playing through Final Fantasy VI finally, and I got some major inspiration from the music from the town Narshe. Every time I end up there I just have to stop and take in the music. Had Peter of Soundole VGM Covers help me out with the jazzy leads. I hope you enjoy!