Moogle/Chocobo Wallet


The outer wallet is made of 3.5mm thick vegetable died leather for the outer leather casing which I have then embellished with the image of a black mage Moogle riding a black mage Chocobo.

In this wallet I used a metal stamp to pepper a texture of dots into the shadow areas to give this wallet more texture and depth.

I used 1mm dark brown died leather to make the four softer inside card holders, note holder and two inner compartments accessible in the center fold where coins could be stored. I rubbed leather wax into all the stitching and surfaces to add water resistance and shine to the work.

Quelle: SteveCraft!

Theatrhythm FF: Curtain Call (3DS)

The Magic Box:

Here is a new Jump! scan of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call, showing two new summon beasts in the game, they are Knights of the Round and Chocobo. When you clear each stage, you can obtain Coreca crystals, which can be used increase the power of your characters in the Coreca Crystarium system.

Release: April 24, 2014