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Chrono Trigger - Gato’s Song

Guitar, Violin & Lute Cover

String Player Gamer:

A guitar, violin and lute cover of “Gato’s Song” from Chrono Trigger. Despite being on the shorter side of the entire game’s soundtrack, Gato’s Song is still ripe for some sweet improvisational solos. So I busted out every thing I got for this one even my two-stringed Philippine lute, the hegalong. I hope you like it!

[Chrono Trigger] Guardia Millennial Fair

Violin Cover by String Player Gamer:

For this arrangement, I wanted a bigger, more festive sound so I went all out with my orchestral prowess. Also, I always try to make it a point to include my favorite Celtic style of fiddling whenever I could and this iconic piece was the perfect opportunity.

Chrono Trigger any% in 2:17:09

Tool Assisted Speedrun


After turska and inichi totally broke the game by using mid-frame reset, most of the game’s content disappeared from the any% branch. However, this game has a lot of tricks and glitches to show, that’s why I worked on the any% while banning any memory corruption techniques.