“Dragon Warrior 1+2″

  • GamePro, October 2000 (#145)
  • It’s June! So this month I’d like to take a look at RPGs! But not any old RPGs: Japanese RPGS! It’s June RPGs! J-RPGs! Japanese RPGs! Okay so maybe I’m not that clever!
  • Let’s start off with the Game Boy Color’s ports of the original Dragon Quests, which they managed to ‘cram’ into one tiny cartridge. Also note the box art: 10 years later and they still couldn’t bring themselves to use Akira Toriyama’s art, so instead we got medieval versions of the Rice Krispies elves fighting off Reboot-caliber 3D models.


Dragon Quest (Famicom)


Dragon Quest
JP (1986)
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I was really nervous un-boxing and holding this close to 30 year old game. Im guilty of having played this for the first time last year and It’s easy to see how it helped shape JRPGs as we know em. A true classic.
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