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Here’s a drawing of everybody’s favorite buxom brawler. It’s Tifa from ff7! Can anybody believe this is the first time I’m doing ff7 fan art? It’s one of my favorite games but I haven’t really shown it any love.

I’ve also gone ahead and added her to the print shop. Because why not? Take a gander:

Final Fantasy VII - Tifa Fanart



Rydia of Mist from Final Fantasy IV! I have always admired this character a lot. She has to overcome her hate for the greater good. Plus she looks awesome! Like her child costume more then her adult one tho so that’s what I drew here. Anyways I’m so happy I got to finally paint her!

Final Fantasy IV - Rydia Fanart


I fixed up my ‘Final Fantasy IX - Tribute’ piece!  After two years I started to notice a few things with it that needed a change (for one, Zidane’s face looks more even and less ‘punched in’!).  So yay!

Available as prints and other cool merch here: 

Final Fantasy IX - Tribut Fanart