Final Fantasy X - Otherworld

Black Metal Cover
by FamilyJules ft. ToxicxEternity

For me I always wanted to hear how this song would sound with a real black metal vocalist and I could think of no one better than Jack “ya boi” Fliegler. He knocked it out of the park. I still remember hearing the demo of the vocals he sent me and just laughing my ass off at how over the top and amazing this sounded. We’re super proud of how this one came out.

To Zanarkand (Final Fantasy X)

Ace Waters:

The original is basically just a piano piece, and as iconic and beautiful as it is, I wanted to move away from that slightly in my rendition. So, I reduced the arpeggios into some jazz chords on the EP, and then moved the melody to the melodica (and later the synth). I wanted to keep some movement, so I layered synths with both the analog four and the prophet 08 to create a nice layer of atmosphere. I hope you enjoy it!