Final Fantasy VII: Speedrun in 4:56:57


In this run on the JPC (Japanese PC) version, I use YW (Yuffie Warping) in a non-NewGame+ way, i.e. I use Yuffie Warping only with save files I make during this run. […] Additionally, I make use of Slots, Cait Sith’s 2nd Limit Break, to defeat most of the bosses as fast as possible. I also utilize the JPC-only StatusMAX glitch to skip several cutscenes and bosses, among them the Kalm Flashback entirely and the Jenova-DEATH boss battle.


Red XIII Sculpture

by emilySculpts (deviantART)

This piece was created as a long promised gift to my friend Marina.  She was diagnosed with Leukemia earlier this year and has had to undertake many obstacles and to sacrifice many things…

Materials: 80% Super Sculpey & Sculpey Firm, 20% Apoxie Sculpt, Wire and Foil Armature, Acrylic Paints, Wood base

Dimensions: 6.5” tall by 7.5” long on a 5” base

Time Taken: 14.5 h