Announcement Trailer

The world is at war over greatest source of power in the world — the Grand Crystal. Players must band together to form an elite squad of Explorers, who venture out to collect pieces of the Grand Crystal to provide energy for the planet while fighting off hordes of monsters.



New Final Fantasy Explorers shots from this week’s Famitsu.

We get to enjoy the lovely Ninja and Time Mage jobs, a look at the new Ramuh (Check that face!), and Fenrir as well. After the previous night’s livestream, I’m really starting to feel the hype for this one. Rather than go the Monster Hunter route, it looks like a slightly simplified version of XIV’s battle system. Super cool.


Final Fantasy Explorers’ Japanese special edition

As if the Crystal Chronicles-esque 3DS game didn’t look tempting enough, here’s an unusually classy special edition for Japan, featuring a 3DS case, artbook, soundtrack, and 3DS cover. 

Early purchasers of any edition (the game comes out December 18) get some Onion Knight gear in-game too! Meanwhile, in America, we get… jealous that this game hasn’t been announced yet.