Final Fantasy VII Explorer Map

French / japanese handcraft map of Gaïa from the Final Fantasy VII game.
100cm x 70cm - Chinese Ink & soft pastel

For those who want to do a similar artwork, I share with you some useful links :

A great database for all location aspect… and so much more !

My personal drawing of every locations (”ID” refers to the next link) :

A GDoc I made with the name of locations in english, french and japanese (”ID” refers to the previous link) :

The 2 maps I used as references for locations and coastlines :

The art pen I used for the outlines :étuide6XSSFMBC/167116


I wanted to capture the moments that were meaningful the story. This is Tifa leaving behind a burning Nibelheim and her dead father to go fight Sephiroth, were our story of Final Fantasy 7 starts for many of the characters. But if you are a huge FF7 nerd like me you know that the story has been going a lot earlier than FF7 and Cloud appeared.

I’m redrawing each FF7 character in a macabre renaissance style. I’m working on Aerith, Sephiroth and Yuffie now.


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