FINAL FANTASY Piano Collection

Performed by lara6683

  1. Matoya’s Cave (FF1)
  2. Theme of Love (FF4)
  3. Overworld (FF4)
  4. Terra’s Theme (FF6)
  5. Kids Run Through the City (FF6)
  6. Phantom Forest (FF6)
  7. Celes’s Theme (FF6)
  8. Forever Rachel (FF6)
  9. Aeris’s Theme (FF7)
  10. Tifa’s Theme (FF7)
  11. Cloud’s Theme (FF7)
  12. Ahead on our Way (FF7)
  13. Balamb Garden (FF8)
  14. Eyes on Me (FF8)
  15. Crossing Those Hills (FF9)
  16. Border Village Dali (FF9)
  17. Terra (FF9)
  18. Silence Before the Storm (FFX)
  19. Eternity: Memory of Lightwaves (FFX-2)
  20. Noctis (FFXV)



View an exclusive and in-depth look at the beloved and timeless classic FINAL FANTASY® IX. Inside FINAL FANTASY IX takes a look at some of the secrets and anecdotes from the development.

The video features interviews with:

  • Shinji Hashimoto (Producer)
  • Toshiyuki Itahana (Artist)
  • Kazuhiko Aoki (Event Designer)
  • Nobuaki Komoto (Event Planner)