Life is Strange: True Colors

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Alex Chen has long suppressed her ‘curse’: the supernatural ability to experience, absorb and manipulate the strong emotions of others, which she sees as blazing, colored auras.

When her brother dies in a so-called accident, Alex must embrace her volatile power to find the truth – and uncover the dark secrets buried by a small town.

Release: September 10, 2021



Blog-Update Januar 2021

Ein Frohes Neues geht an die drei Leute, die sich noch auf tumblr rumtreiben!

Pünktlich zum neusten Patch für Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night findet ihr drüben auf meinem anderen Blog meine Gedanken zu Koji Igarashis Herzensprojekt.

Viele Grüße

Euer Binary

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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

If you love (and miss) Suikoden, please check out this Kickstarter campaign for Eiyuden Chronicle. It’s a new upcoming 2.5D retro-style JRPG, unimaginable meant to be a spiritual successor to Suikoden, being developed by some of the original series creators.

Release: October 2022