ZELDA Leather Wallet


This design was Inspired by the Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time, and was made by request of one of my clients. I have extensively tooled and shaped the surface, textured and painted the surface of this wallet by hand.

Every single piece of this special wallet was crafted by hand using sheets of thick and thin natural leather off the roll. Everything was hand assembled and sewn with strong thread with my leather sewing machine. The wallet is waterproofed with wax, and initials of the recipient are embossed into the leather surface.

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Vivi Leather Wallet


Detailed hand painted illustration made by myself over the course of an evening (3 hours detailed work, “this is why this one costs more than the others”).

Vivi Ornitier is portrayed in an action pose ready to attack. In this wallet he is using the Thundaga black magic but optionally may choose any magic spell for him to cast, cannon would stick to black mage crafts such as Firaga Blizzaga Thundaga Demi Darkness Poison, But if you wish we could try him with the blue mage, white mage, or red mage spell casting for fun.

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Metroid/Samus Wallet


The outer wallet is made of 3.5mm thick vegetable died leather for the outer leather casing which I have then tooled v-shape score lines to create a textured outline. I also used a dot punch stamp to give areas in shadow more depth and make the lighter areas stand out more. The design was hand painted over several hours with a range of shades of leather dyes and inks and acrylics to give this wallet a vintage quality feel.

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“Making Space for Shuto Con” Giveaway #2: Balthier and Fran

I got a bunch of stuff at Shuto Con, so I need to make some room.

Here are Balthier and Fran from Final Fantasy XII.  It only felt right to send them together.

Reblog the post and I’ll pick a winner on April 30th.  I can only ship within North America.  If you are outside North America, but have a buddy in North America who’d be willing to ship it to you, you’re definitely welcome to try too.


Legend of Zelda Playing Cards - Up for sale now!!

You’ve heard me talk a lot about this project, and finally it’s up for sale :D

You can buy the cards at my storenvy shop here

You can also buy prints, posters, phone cases, t-shirts, etc featuring these designs at my redbubble shop here

Thanks for any all and all support, and if you like these designs be sure to share them with your friends! 

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For sale at Avaneshop.com

Squaresoft’s Final Fantasy The Spirits Within Movie Action Figure by Bandai from 2000. This particular figure is Aki Ross and comes with several accessories and a card. Figure is still sealed in it’s original packaging, though there is some price sticker residue in the upper right hand corner. This a great collectible for fans of the film!

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