At first glance at the limited footage in the trailer, Final Fantasy Record Keeper looks like a new version of the exemplary Final Fantasy: All The Bravest, which would be just fine with me.  

DeNA/Mobage have come out with a number of very solid mobile games, so I’m on board to see what the game ends up being.

Visit the site to pre-register for the game and score extra bonuses depending on how many people participate.

It’s a hell of a lot more interesting than that twitter-spam based thing they set up for Type-0 HD, I tell you that.

Tales of Asteria - Trailer

iOS & Android

The Magic Box:

The game features characters from the Tales series, similar to the Tales of World series, including Llyod Irving from Symphonia, Millia from Xillia, Cress from Phantasia, Sophie from Graces f, Yuri from Vesperia and Luke from Abyss; the game will have a new sense battle system and tap action called “Cross Slide Battle”.

Release: Frühling 2014