Shipwreck Screenshots (PC, Xbox 360)


Awesome Indies: Shipwreck

Shipwreck is a classic Zelda inspired fantasy adventure game for Windows PC and Xbox Live Indie Games. Check out the trailer here or go to the official website for more info. 

DRM free PC download available for $3.00+ 

Free Demo or full version for $2.99 on Xbox Live Arcade


Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 Recap

Square Enix has released a video recap of the events of Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 in preparation for the third game in the series, Lightning Returns. This isn’t just any recap, however. The visuals are presented in the style of a SNES era Final Fantasy game, even including the classic blue menus. This is a very welcome treat to those who grew up with the series, as I feel IV-VI are really when the series started to gain the character that the games are known and loved for. It’s almost as if SE wanted to nod to old fans, reassuring them that the spirit of Final Fantasy is still very much alive, even with all the changes that have happened in the past decade.