Deep Fear - Box und Screenshots (Saturn)




Deep Fear
Sega Saturn
Developed by ISCO

Hey, man. What if there was like a Resident Evil game…UNDERWATER?

Deep Fear does some things right and some things wrong in comparison to RE, and while it’s ultimately less scary than its predecessor it’s great to have a Survival Horror game exclusive to the Saturn.

This is my favorite set of photos so far! Well almost—I saved my favorite ones for the blog post. CLICK HERE FOR FAME AND FORTUNE

Here’s an Ankle-Rocker fun fact: Water in video games scares the ever living crap out of me. Super Mario 64, Dry Dry Docks…. terrifying. And I love the fear it induces in me. Another excellent photoset here!


NiGHTS into Dreams Screenshots (SAT)


Daily Saturn game: NiGHTS into Dreams

Simply put, my favourite game of all time.

This is going to be the final daily Saturn game - I’ve not run out of games to screenshot (far from it) but I’m getting to the point where I think it’d be nice to have a rest and do something else. If you’ve got any requests for non-screenshot-related content then let me know!

Quelle: Kimimi's Stuff