Summer Games Done Quick 2014

Zweimal im Jahr trifft sich die Community von Speed Demos Archive zu einem Speedrunning-Marathon und zerlegt dabei ein Spiel nach dem anderen in Rekordzeit. Aber nicht nur so zum Spaß, sondern für einen guten Zweck: Beim letzten Event (Awesome Games Done Quick 2014) wurden sage und schreibe über 1 Million $ an Spendengeldern für die Krebsforschung gesammelt!

Heute Abend startet Summer Games Done Quick, und alle Einnahmen kommen Ärzte ohne Grenzen zugute – einer internationalen Hilfsorganisation, die seit mehr als 40 Jahren medizinische Nothilfe in Krisen- und Kriegsgebieten leistet. Der Marathon soll eine ganze Woche dauern und insgesamt stehen über 150 Spiele auf dem Plan. Von Mario, Donkey Kong, Sonic, Zelda, Castlevania, Mega Man bis Final Fantasy ist für jeden Geschmack etwas dabei.

Heute Nacht startet Crystals For Life, ein 5-tägiger RPG-Speedrun-Marathon in Partnerschaft mit JDRF, einer wohltätigen Stiftung im Kampf gegen Diabetes.

Ab 02:00 Uhr MEZ könnt ihr den Stream auf verfolgen. Mit jeder Spende nehmt ihr an der Verlosung toller Preise teil. Es gibt auch ein paar coole T-Shirts zu kaufen!

Chrono Trigger any% in 2:17:09

Tool Assisted Speedrun


After turska and inichi totally broke the game by using mid-frame reset, most of the game’s content disappeared from the any% branch. However, this game has a lot of tricks and glitches to show, that’s why I worked on the any% while banning any memory corruption techniques.


Final Fantasy VII: Speedrun in 4:56:57


In this run on the JPC (Japanese PC) version, I use YW (Yuffie Warping) in a non-NewGame+ way, i.e. I use Yuffie Warping only with save files I make during this run. […] Additionally, I make use of Slots, Cait Sith’s 2nd Limit Break, to defeat most of the bosses as fast as possible. I also utilize the JPC-only StatusMAX glitch to skip several cutscenes and bosses, among them the Kalm Flashback entirely and the Jenova-DEATH boss battle.



Wario would like to take a moment to tell everyone about something really really cool that Wario really loves. It’s called AGDQ, Awesome Games Done Quick, and it’s a week-long video game speedrunning marathon with the goal of completing video games as fast as possible live while raising half money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. so far they’ve raised over $60,000, and their goal for the week is half a million. At the moment of this posting, they’ve just started Banjo-Kazooie, but they’ll be playing over a hundred different games over the week, all of which are listed on this schedule.

Wario highly recommends you tune in and check it out if you want to see some of your favorite games played in unique, incredible, and absurd ways. The runners generally conduct themselves very professionally during the broadcast, so you’re unlikely to hear anything nasty said by the people present, but you may want to hide the chat. That said, it’s a lot of fun to watch and Wario highly enjoys it, and Wario hopes some of Wario’s followers will enjoy it too. WAWAWAWAWA

You can check out the stream here.

[TAS] DS Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow “Julius Mode” in 09:01.49

by mtbRc


This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For more information, see

Unlike our other Julius run for Dawn of Sorrow ( which goes through more of the game, this run manages to skip most of the game by using a zipping glitch to get into the Mine of Judgement early.