“Shadows of Lylat - ‘Trailer 2’” [Trailer, Web]

  • Uploaded by ShadowsOfLylat, via YouTube
  • While gathering content for tomorrow I came came across a pretty depressing fact. After Volition made the source code for their hit space shooter FreeSpace available, a group of modders called Sol Team set out to make a standalone Star Fox game for the PC. While it didn’t aim to be like the on-rails predecessors, it showed great promise with the FreeSpace engine The game was in development for 6 years by the time this trailer came out, but by 2012 the mod was cancelled, due to a lack of motivation by the developers. All that remains are the finished assets for those who wish to pick up the project - or play the unfinished mod using a copy of FreeSpace - and a derelict forum.

    So sad. We could’ve had a proper Star Fox game released in the past couple years.