Chrono Trigger any% in 2:17:09

Tool Assisted Speedrun


After turska and inichi totally broke the game by using mid-frame reset, most of the game’s content disappeared from the any% branch. However, this game has a lot of tricks and glitches to show, that’s why I worked on the any% while banning any memory corruption techniques.


Secret of Mana - Live Cover

Live at the Stunfest (April 2013)

Performed & Arranged by Flying Penguins


Yann “CdV” Chauvière on Sprite-drums
Elie Cardinal on Piano-hadoken
Guillaume Ruffieux on Scrolling-bass
Florent Garnaud on Frame-guitar

Hiroki Kikuta’s original themes:

  • Ceremony
  • Danger
  • The Sorcerer
  • Angel’s fear
  • Dancing Beasts