Vivi Ornitier - Final Fantasy IX

Everyone’s favorite Black Mage! It’s good to return to my roots and give Vivi another go. I think things worked out pretty well, though I could probably improve things further if I gave this another go. He’ll forever be near and dear to my heart. He’s just too cute!

He sure has come a long way from my first attempt at the little guy back in 2005.

Want a plush of your own? Contact me for info! I’m willing to make just about anything with a decent reference. Or check out my finished dolls for sale here!


Why yes, this is a great LEGO idea!

You can give your support to the project here.

If you’ve never heard of LEGO Ideas (formerly known as LEGO Cuusoo — thank brick for the name change), it’s a place where people can post their builds and if they get 10,000 supporters LEGO will consider making it a real product. It’s a birthplace of great things like LEGO Minecraft, the Back to the Future DeLorean and Curiosity Mars Rover!

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Well aren’t these pictures just brilliant… she said with a posed look

Crocheted Yuna doll from Final Fantasy X! I even made her a bow on the back of the yellow part, but I didn’t take a picture of the back. And it’s sort of covered by her hair anyway. I’m thinking about starting my own shop so message me if you have a request for dolls or anything really.


Sega and Tomy team up for Mega Drive Megatron

Sega and toy maker Tomy have teamed up to release a special Mega Drive (Sega Genesis) Megatron figure. Information about availability outside of Japan is yet unknown but it seems like these will be available for purchase and not just a one off celebratory model.

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Squaresoft’s Final Fantasy The Spirits Within Movie Action Figure by Bandai from 2000. This particular figure is Aki Ross and comes with several accessories and a card. Figure is still sealed in it’s original packaging, though there is some price sticker residue in the upper right hand corner. This a great collectible for fans of the film!

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The record-breaking release of Pokemon X and Y has infused many of us, myself included, with a rekindled love of Pokemon. Savannah Mitchell has taken that love and given it new life with her adorable Pokemon she crochets.

Each Pokemon is made-to-order and takes about 8 weeks to make. She’s not taking commissions at the moment but that is sure to change any day now.

For more information and to see more of her custom creations, visit Savannah on Etsy.



LEGO N64 Transformers

Baron von Brunk combined three 90’s childhood staples into a great set of toys that I wish would have existed when I was a kid. These were made for the Summer 2013 Toy Brick Contest. Check out the Instructables to see how they were made.

(Shoutout to McViper for the tip)